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AIB - AI Academy Bootcamp - From zero to Hero

At this time of reskilling revolution, this bootcamp has been designed for anyone interested to gain new skills and become an AI expert (ie: Data Engineer, Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer).

With just a basic level in mathematics, this program will take you from zero to Hero in 22-weeks.

Students will complete one module every two or three weeks through our Online Learning Platform and will follow dynamic face-to-face sessions with our trainers. This innovative approach will allow you to gain these new skills while working your day to day job. Finally, the bootcamp will conclude with an intensive Capstone project (included in the Computer Vision and Image Analysis module)

You will master all the skills required to become a data professional – from collecting and sanitizing data, to designing and building custom neural networks capable of exhibiting human-like behavior and intelligence. This action-packed course covers 9 AI focused modules including Mathematics and Algorithms for Machine Learning, Ethics and Law, and Reinforcement Learning. 

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